Projekt schedule


1. Initial survey: Socio-demographics (gender, age etc.) and the participants’ general use of online information (GEN-COR) are initially collected in a complete, online survey of job entrants from the three domains. Based on the distribution of these personal characteristics and the participants’ GEN-COR levels, approx. N = 30-50 job entrants per domain are selected to create a purposeful sample.

2. Pre-testing: In a first survey, the job entrants will be equipped with notebooks for approx. 2 weeks and asked to directly and validly assess their use of online information when creating practical professional documents (lesson plans, medical/legal case reports).

3. Online training: In an approx. 4-6 week online training, the test participants’ use of online information is fostered by means of digital teaching-learning packages with feedback systems.

4. Post-testing: After the online training, the development of the participants’ GEN-COR and the development of their domain-specific use of online information (DOM-COR) will be assessed again using the same format as in the pre-test.

5.Effectiveness analysis: Longitudinal evaluations of the captured process-related and performance data, taking into account several external criteria such as the trainee’s final grades at the end of their practical training, provide information on the effectiveness of the digital training on the development of GEN- & DOM-COR in practical professional education contexts, and how the interaction with formal teaching-learning opportunities during the practical phase of professional education can be optimized.