The three-year collaborative project (07/2020-06/2023) pursues the following overarching goals and research focuses by implementing an innovative digital training concept in the post-academic practical training phase in the professional fields of medicine, law, and teaching (subject economics):

  • Analysis and promotion of general (GEN-COR) and domain-specific (DOM-COR) use of online information by young professionals during their practical training (law & teaching) and practical year (medicine)
  • Analysis of the effectiveness of an innovative digital approach to promoting skills required for the competent use of online information (online training)

Research questions

  • How do law/teacher trainees (economics) and medical students generally use online information during their internship or practical year when working on practical professional tasks?
  • How do they use online information when creating job-specific documents (such as lesson plans or case reports)?
  • To what extent can the general use of online information be improved by online training?
  • To what extent does online training also change how online information is used when creating job-specific documents?